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Seven YouTube Video Promotion Tips From YouTube Video Promotion Experts.

Are you fed up with uploading content on YouTube but not getting enough attention? Most likely, yeah. Using as many promotional strategies as possible is essential to gain attention for yourself on YouTube.

Each of these techniques for promoting your YouTube channel and increasing your popularity will be discussed in further depth below, with advice from YouTube promotion experts. Whether you're just getting started or want to see your numbers continue to rise, all of these suggestions are fair game for consideration in YouTube channel promotion.

YouTube Video Promotion
Seven YouTube Video Promotion Tips From YouTube Video Promotion Experts

1. Learn about your audience

First, you have to ask two questions and try to find the answer :

  1. For whom are you creating videos?
  2. What are they watching on YouTube?

it's helpful to have a basic understanding of YouTube demographics. YouTube has over 2 billion subscribers, and 72 percent of internet users in the United States watch YouTube videos regularly. Estimated 77 percent of persons aged 15 to 35, and unlike other social media sites, there is no significant dropoff in that percentage as users get older. As a result, this is the best platform for reaching billions of people, and it also provides YouTube paid promotion services.

2. Bring in followers from social media platforms

The most fantastic strategy to promote youtube videos is to use the power of social media and the internet.

Many individuals question whether or not it is worthwhile to promote YouTube videos on social media networks. Having any eyeballs and sort of views is preferable to having nothing at all, especially if you're just getting started. You'd be amazed how many of your relatives and friends are interested in the content you're creating, but this will help you get started with your YouTube channel promotion. So, if you're new to YouTube, these YouTube video promotion tactics may be able to assist you in growing and ranking organically.

When it comes to YouTube video promotion, Instagram is the undisputed leader.

Whether you are a newbie or have a large channel, this is a straightforward approach to promote your video there.

Take a screenshot from your YouTube video and share it on Instagram stories every time you post a new video on YouTube to promote it on Instagram.

Let folks know there's a link in your bio to a full-length video on YouTube, and then, of course, include that video in your Instagram bio.

This will drive traffic to your YouTube channel, resulting in many subscribers.

After simply putting a YouTube post on Instagram, you'd be astonished at how many views and subscribers you've received from your Instagram followers.

Another fantastic Instagram hack, but this one only works if your Instagram content is similar to your YouTube videos.

If your YouTube channel is all about Star Wars and you only post about Star Wars, then your Instagram should be about Star Wars as well.

Then you can follow the page that is related to Star Wars, go to the posts, interact with people in the comments by responding to their comments or adding your comment. People will see that they will click on your page and see the content on your Instagram feed, and if they find it useful, they will go to your YouTube channel.

This can be a very effective YouTube promotion technique, not just for growing your Instagram following but also for sending visitors from Instagram to your YouTube video.

The second way to promote a YouTube video is to send out a tweet with a direct link to the video on Twitter.

You may indeed add a quotation or a cool screenshot from your film to your Twitter post to make it a bit more unique.

Now, ideally, each post on each social media platform should be slightly different, offering value to those who follow you on Twitter versus those who follow you on Instagram. You will also have various things that people enjoy on each social media platform. For example, if you want to advertise a YouTube video on TikTok, follow one of the current TikTok trends for YouTube video promotion and include a link to your videos in your bio. You want to be helping the people on the platform by providing them with what they want.

If you're on Reddit or Quora and you're active in a topic, you can add your link to the discussion if it makes sense, or you can create your postings.

The goal is to participate in these forums without spamming people with your video links, resulting in many views.

You can also join active Facebook groups relevant to your YouTube videos.

Many people who join such groups are already interested in that specific niche and content. You can get an idea of what people are interested in and you can promote YouTube videos in those Facebook groups by being an active and visible member.

3. Learn from your favorite channels

Learning from your competition and your favorite YouTube channels would be best. These do not have to be the only channels specific to your niche.

Watching YouTube content will significantly teach you a lot about what works since it is constantly changing. You will get a better idea about what type of content will help you the most in your YouTube video promotion. Do you know that good audio quality is significant than good video quality? It's true because bad audio can distract people from viewing or subscribing to your video.

A lot goes into creating YouTube videos that people want to watch. Pay attention to the following when observing others:

  • Video thumbnails 
  • Channel art 
  • Links to other YouTubers informative content
  • How other creators modify their videos, including text popups and other special effects

There are even channels devoted just to video editing and YouTube growth. You may monitor them and keywords related to YouTube growth for applying the best strategies in your YouTube channel promotion.

4. Post more videos

This was an essential tip from YouTube video promotion experts when we asked them about the best ways to promote YouTube videos, and we got to know that the key is to keep making videos. When someone discovers your video on YouTube, you can include links to your other videos in the description, or you can scream out a video on the end card to direct them to it. There are many different ways to encourage people to continue watching your content after discovering it on YouTube. If you can try and convince someone to watch another video and another video, YouTube will love you for it. It is a fantastic way to skyrocket your video views by directing people to more of your content, and YouTube will love you for it.

5. Optimize your videos to get views

Okay, let's go more specifically about what makes you famous and what will help in YouTube video promotion.

Every day, the 2 billion users of YouTube watch approximately 1 billion hours of video content. So, how do you rise above the noise and get your videos seen by YouTube's search algorithm?

Using SEO-optimized relevant keywords in video titles, descriptions and tags can help you rank higher in search results for your YouTube promotion.

Every time you search for a keyword on Google, you'll be shown nearly the same set of webpage results as other users.

YouTube Video Promotion

When two people are sitting next to each other in the same room, using the same Wi-Fi network, and searching for a keyword, they will get the same results, regardless of where they are sitting.

When YouTube displays search results, they consider the term and other factors comparable to those considered by Google: how popular a video is already, keywords in the title, and so on. However, YouTube takes into account your viewing history as well as the types of videos it knows you enjoy watching.

It's for this reason that no two users' YouTube homepages or search results will be precisely the same.

Although personalization is crucial, following all other YouTube SEO best practices is still necessary to have your videos appear in search results.

Before optimizing your video, you must first determine who you are optimizing it for and for what purpose. Keyword research provides you with the terms people use to find content, allowing you to include them in your own. I'll explain why in a moment.)

Google keyword planners will help you with keyword research. You can also enter your topic into the YouTube search bar and see what comes up. All of these things are things that genuine people have looked for. This can inspire you for new keywords.

Don't forget to include keywords in your video to be promoted on YouTube.

Like Google, if you target the wrong keywords, you will not receive much attention from YouTubers. Don't just go after the keywords with the most traffic; instead, look for terms connected to your video and have a significant volume of search traffic.

The brainstorming stage is the very first step in the procedure. You make a list of all of the terms that you believe your target audience would use to find you, your products, or something similar to your products while they are looking for you, your products, or something similar to your products. Proceed to conduct additional research with competitors and keyword planners to determine how to refine your keyword selection for the most effective advertising campaign.

For each video, you should have one core keyword and a few other keywords to use in addition to it. Here's where you should put them:

  1. It is essential to include the main keyword in the video title and the video description.
  2. It is also essential to include the main keyword within the first three phrases.
  3. It is recommended that you use your keywords as tags in your video, even if YouTube claims that this has little impact. It will take a second.
YouTube Video Promotion

6. Add a detailed video description

If you upload your video to YouTube, you can include a lengthy description to include links to your website, social media profiles, and a brief bio. In addition, you can use hashtags in your description as these features help in YouTube video promotion.

However, the first 100 characters of the description should be click-worthy and search engine-friendly to be effective.

This is what the user sees when searching for videos on YouTube, and it is also what YouTube considers when deciding which videos to show in search results. As a result, your description should include the relevant keywords while also engaging and appealing to YouTube visitors.

Listed below is the information you should include in your description:

  • Links to your website
  • other social media profiles links
  • links to your products or services featured in the video
  • a call to action
YouTube Video Promotion YouTube Video Promotion YouTube Video Promotion

7. Run YouTube ads 

Another piece of advice from YouTube promotion experts is to run ads, a form of YouTube paid promotion. For that purpose, you must target that audience who are genuinely interested in your content, just as you should with other forms of YouTube promotion, and generate leads of your target audience for YouTube promotion. Is it essential to spend money on people who are not competent and unrelated to your message or offerings?

In ways to collect leads, YouTube is an excellent channel to use. The only drawback is that it takes time and should not be the first step in the YouTube video promotion strategy.

Putting a YouTube video does not guarantee that it will be successful. In terms of strategy, first and foremost, concentrate on creating your brand and then driving them to other YouTube videos or a specific landing page when you have already established yourself!

YouTube allows businesses to fine-tune who sees their advertisements to a granular level through several targeting methods. Ensure that you restrict your audience to those who understand what you are saying!

Remember that the most successful video advertisements attract as many people as possible by being shared across numerous platforms, including your email list!

Share information about upcoming live streams in your newsletters or email campaigns so that you don't miss out on individuals who don't participate in social media activities. As a result, you will see a significant rise in your return on investment from YouTube paid promotion.


I am pretty sure that after going through pieces of advice from YouTube video promotion experts, you have learned enough and will use the above strategies to take your YouTube promotion game to the next level.


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